Storage for Learning and Research (SoLAR)

Storage for Learning and Research (SoLAR) gives staff secure recoverable file storage, designed to support research and teaching based data.

Digital Solutions has provisioned a large scale research storage environment known as SoLAR (Storage for Learning And Research). SoLAR is used for large scale research data, shared project spaces and secure individual research folders and has large storage capacity (terabytes).

The SoLAR service provides staff and students engaged in research with a secure recoverable file storage and is designed to support research based data including:

  • experimental or simulation data
  • data downloaded from scientific instruments
  • research databases
  • collaborative works
  • research related audio, video and multimedia digital content
  • backup of research data held on local or portable drives.

All data stored on SoLAR is backed up and fully recoverable. Data can be recovered up to three months from the time of deletion or change. Data restoration can be requested by logging a call with the Digital Solutions Service Desk.

SoLAR is subject to all relevant University IT and information management policies, specifically the Information Systems Statute.

Access Request

Contact the Service Desk to request storage. Provide the following information:

  • how much storage is required
  • who will have access to the storage
  • what the storage would be used for.

Once configured, storage can be accessed via Windows, MAC or Linux workstations. SoLAR is accessible from outside of the University by using VPN access.